Building business with LinkedIn

People think of LinkedIn primarily for job seeking and filling positions, but it offers opportunities to build your business in a range of ways.

A recent article in the New York Time (“The Social Network That Gets Down to Business,” by Miguel Helft, New York Times  September 29, 2010) profiles two business owners who connected with global communities online through LinkedIn.

As with any online network, you need to spend time developing and maintaining connections. From the article:

Ms. Wiseberg [participated in groups] to get Red Scarf Equestrian off the ground. She had been on LinkedIn for several years but had never really learned how to use the site. When she started the business, she began joining groups related to her field and participating in discussions on them. She is now a member in more than a dozen groups, including Luxury and Lifestyle Professionals, Luxury Addict Group, Woman 2 Woman Business, and Horse Lovers of the Business World.

It is through these affiliations that others in the industry discovered her and began inviting her to events in Europe, North America and Asia.

“I had to go global, because the market in Canada is too small,” Ms. Wiseberg said. “I’m getting there.”

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