Make it look how you want it to: Choose a look from over 130 professional templates, to get online right away. Tweak the design with colors, graphics, and fonts you choose. Add your logo and match your existing brand image.

Use your own domain name: Start out with an address like www.SuperWidgets.bigbigweb.com. When you’re ready to launch the site, change to a domain name of your own, like www.SuperWidgets.com. Not sure how to find and register a domain? We can help you.

Create all the pages you need: There’s no cap on the number of pages in your site, so you can structure your site content in whatever way makes the most sense. Choose which page appear in the menu, create submenus and sections, and update the content any time.

Add photos, photo galleries, video, and audio: Add product images, stock photos, galleries for a portfolio, videos from YouTube and other services, and sound content. Catch visitors’ attention with a high-impact slideshow on your homepage, and use media to show how you work and why you’re awesome.

Include a blog or news article archive: Help your current customers or clients, and show prospects that you’re a leader. Post short articles, links to useful resources and news, white papers and case studies, or behind-the-scenes details. In addition to helping visitors to your site know what you’re about, you’ll keep your site fresh and interesting.

Update from any computer: Log securely into your account dashboard through a web browser on any computer, to add or change content and modify site settings. There’s no software to purchase or install.

Allow others to work on your website: Create an account for others to help update and manage the site. Assign permission levels for each to draft, review, and publish content and to make changes to site settings.

Encourage visitors to subscribe and to tell a friend: Invite visitors to your site to receive updates or newsletters by email, so you can share news, promotions, and updates with them. Provide a simple way for them to forward a page or your site to a friend or colleague.

Connect to social networks: Make it easy for site visitors to link to your site from social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Promote your website and connect with an online community.

Create contact pages and other forms: Encourage site visitors to ask a question, request a quote, or submit a story. Simple online forms send the content to an email address you choose, and can send a copy to the sender.

Accept payments or donations online: Sell products and services online, and accept donations, including recurring payments, through a PayPal account.

Make money from ads on your site: Display Google AdSense text and display ads on your site, or display banner ads for others’ products and promotions.

Help people find you through search engines: Use the built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools to highlight keywords and search phrases. Update your site frequently and easily with relevant content, to improve your page rank.

Optimize your message to convert leads to sales: Use A/B testing to try alternative messages and discover which is most effective.

Track who is visiting your site and what they’re looking for: Monitor website traffic to see which pages get the most attention, which other sites send traffic your way, and which links and buttons get the most links.

Need a feature that’s not included in your site? Let us know. We may add it just for you or for everyone.